Testicular Pain After Ejaculation Causes

Testicular Pain After Ejaculation Causes

Testicular Pain After Ejaculation Causes

Testicular Pain After Ejaculation

Testicular Pain After Ejaculation Causes
Testicular Pain After Ejaculation Causes

Some men have pain in their testicles immediately following an ejaculation. It can be a mild pain or it can be a pain that makes you double over and rush to the emergency room.

Ejaculation should be a euphoric feeling, something to top off a great sexual experience, but some men have pain after ejaculation, thus reducing their desire to have sex. We will look what could be causing this pain and how to treat it.

When a man has an orgasm, he ejaculates when his muscles contract and push semen from the testicles to the urethra and out of the tip of the penis. If there is any inflammation within any area of the pathway it can cause pain. 

Testicular Pain After Ejaculation Causes

Testicular Pain After Ejaculation
Testicular Pain After Ejaculation

Testicular inflammation

One possibility would be inflammation in the sperm transport duct behind the testicle, called epididymitis.

This inflammation in sexually active men is usually caused by a sexually transmitted disease like chlamydia or sexually transmitted enteric organisms like E. Coli from anal sex.

The infection usually comes in the way of a viral or bacterial infection. Treatment for this is antibiotics, paired with pain and anti-inflammatory medication and some bed rest.

Testicular Prostatitis

Prostatitis could be another possibility for testicular pain after ejaculation. This is caused by infection of the prostate.

This can affect men of all ages, and is the number one reason younger men visit a urologist. Bacterial prostatitis occurs when bacteria travels to the prostate through the urethra.

Chronic and asymptomatic prostatitis sometimes has no known cause, though it can be caused be frequent urinary tract infections. Prostatitis problems are typically treated with antibiotics.

Getting Blunt Force Trauma On Your Testicular

Another problem that could cause testicular pain after ejaculation is blunt force trauma. Being hit, punched or kicked in the testicles can cause temporary pain.

Typically, this occurs with athletes who play contact sports. Treatment for this is to an ultrasound to ensure there is no rupture in the scrotum. 

Continue On Masturbate Every Day Cause Testicular Pain

Over masturbation is another reason for testicular pain after ejaculation. By over masturbating, you are depleting the body of important neurochemicals that keeps the body in a balanced state.

These neurochemicals help to keep blood flowing properly through the genitals and when this is depleted inflammation will occur.

This inflammation causes the tissues in the testicles to be in a state of pain. For the problematic masturbator, the pain is usually right after masturbation and then goes away.

For someone who is addicted to it, the pain in the testicles, lower back and groin are continuous. For this stage, fatigue is also related to it.

Treatment for this pain is first a visit to your doctor to ensure everything is alright. Then it is recommended for those who will continue to masturbate at an excessive level to take an herbal supplement that will rejuvenate testicular functions and enhance blood flow. 

Prostate Cancer Cause Testicular Pain

Prostate cancer is another known cause for testicular pain after ejaculation. Prostate cancer is the number one cancer among men of all ethnicities. 

Treatment for prostate cancer includes but is not limited to, removal of prostate, radiation therapy, hormone therapy, and recently monitoring the level of cancer.

On November 2, 2016 Dr. Mehmet Oz spoke to the today show about treatment for the 180,000 men who will be diagnosed with prostate cancer this year.

He told about the false positives and actual diagnosis’s with the PSA blood test that detects elevated levels of prostate specific antigen.

Now the test can be useful if you decide to only monitor the cancer rather than have surgery or radiation. Men are now beginning to take this route if they are feeling good, and healthy.

One man was diagnosed through the PSA test after his prostate exam concerned his doctor. He was diagnosed with the cancer, but chose to simply monitor the levels of the PSA for a couple of years.

Once the numbers began to rise he choose to have it removed and now he is cancer free. Another guest on the show described that he was told he had prostate cancer.

He chose to have it removed. After a year of living with his choice, he is now cancer free. 

Testicular pain is a very serious issue. Problems with painful testicles after ejaculation can ruin a males’ desire to have sex. It will change his lifestyle and his partner’s lifestyle was well.

It is essential to visit your doctor to take care of the problem so you can get back to the bedroom and begin to enjoy sex again.  

Testicular Pain After Ejaculation Causes
Testicular Pain After Ejaculation Causes
Testicular Pain After Ejaculation Causes
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Testicular Pain After Ejaculation Causes
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