Lose 20 Pound 2 Weeks Best Diet Plan With Workout

Lose 20 Pound 2 Weeks Best Diet Plan With Workout

Lose 20 Pound 2 Weeks Best Diet Plan With Workout

Lose 20 Pound 2 Weeks


the diet plan is important for everyone like to lose weight ,but if you need to lose weight fast you need to workout.

Today we gonna focus on best foods to lose weight and best exercises to lose weight, in this article will show you what to eat and what exercises should do day by day .

before you starting the exercises and the diet plan weight yourself .

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Diet Plan And Exercises To Lose 20 Pound 2 Weeks Schedule

First Day Diet Plan To Lose 20 Pound 2 Weeks

AT first day you have to focus on the fruits with low-suger like:

  1. Apple
  2. pomegranates
  3. citrus
  4. Strawberries
  5. Grapefruit
  6. Avocados
  7. Raspberries
  8. Blackberries
  9. Peaches
  10. Oranges

Break Fast : Apple ,Bread Low Suger,two egg without the yolk,skimmed milk.

Lunch : ٍSmall Dish rice, 1 boiled Skinless chicken breast, boiled broccoli and mushroom .

Dinner : Fruits Low Sugar ,you can make fruits cocktail (if you like to put milk with the cocktail put a skimmed milk).

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Important Note : Don’t Forget To Drink From 10-12 Cup Of Water Every Day in The Diet plan To Lose 10 Pound 2 Weeks.

Workout First Day

We Gonna Start 1st Day With Best cardio exercises 30min

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Second Day Diet Plan Lose 20 pound 2 Weeks

at the second day we will eat just vegetables with boiled potato and salad :

Breakfast : 2 Boiled potato With Salad .

Lunch : Salad , 2 boiled potato , Tomato , lettuce.

Dinner : Salad , olive , 1 boiled potato .

Try To Drink From 10-12 Cup Of Water All Day That Will Help you Lose 20 Pound 2 Weeks .

Second Day Workout In our way to Lose 20 Pound

Start Second Day fat Burn Workout With Cycling 

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Third Day In Lose 20 Pound In 2 Week

the third day we need to just eat combine of fruits and vegetable but no banana no potato :

Breakfast : Strawberries , Tomato , Cucumbers , Green Papers .

Lunch : Salad , Spinach , Broccoli , Squash.

Dinner : Fruits Cocktail ,  Salad , Watermelon.

Drink Over 10 Cups Of Water And Sleep 8 Hour At Night ,Sleeping 8 hours give good result in lose 20 pound 2 week) .

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Third Day Workout

Full Body Fat Burn Exercises 30min :

Fourth Day In The Diet Plan

At Fourth Day we will drink 3 cups of milk and vegetable soup and eat 8 bananas .

Breakfast : Salad , 3 Bananas , Milk Cup

Lunch : Vegetable Soup , Lettuce , And Boiled Potato .

Between Lunch And Dinner Drink A Cup Of Milk And Eat 3 Bananas.

Dinner : Salad , 2 Bananas , Boiled Potato .

Also you Have to Drink 10-12 Water Cup And Sleep 8 Hours .

Fourth Day Exercises

In the fourth day the workout will be on ABS Exercises to burn fat

Fifth Day In Your Way to Lose 20 Pound

fifth day in diet plan we gonna eat 6 small tomatoes and boiled rich , vegetable soup ,orange,grapefruit,apple.

Breakfast : 2 Tomatoes , Orange Juice , Apple.

Lunch : Boiled Rich , Vegetable Soup , 2 Tomatoes .

Between Lunch And Dinner : Grapefruit , Orange.

Dinner : 2 Tomatoes , Salad , Apple.

Drink Water from 10-12 Cups .

Work Out Fifth Day To Lose 20 Pound

In The Fifth Day We Have to Make Legs And Butt Exercises 

The Sixth Day In The Diet Plan

the sixth day is day we can just little rich and vegetable soup :

Breakfast : vegetable soup

Lunch : vegetable soup , little rich.

Dinner : little of rich , vegetable soup .

And Drinking 12 Cups Of water

Fat Burn Sixth Day Workout

Sixth day Exercises With Be For Arm Fat burn

The Seventh Day In Lose 20 pound 2 Weeks

In The Seventh-day We Gonna Eat  Little Of Rich , Orange Juice , Vegetable Soup , Salad.

Breakfast : Orange Juice , Salad , 

Lunch : Little Of Rich , Vegetable Soup .

Dinner , Orange Juice , Salad .

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The Seventh Day Workout To Get The Target 20 Pounds In 2 Week

Now We Need Full Body Exercises For Fat Burn

Now You Have to Weight Your Self And See The result , And In The 2nd Week You Have To Repeat The Schedule , And At The End Of The 2nd Week You Will Be Lose 20 Pound Of Your Weight .

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